Committees and Officers


JST Administrative Committee: (left to right) Yangming Kou (Public Relations Chair), Taysir Badir (Education and Resources Chair), Connie Anderson (Education and Resources Chair), Spencer Reisbick (JST President, Administrative Committee Chair), Celina Harris (Analysis and Compliance Chair), Ashish Jayaraman (Finance Officer), Hongyun Xu (Technology Officer).

JST Administrative Committee

The administrative committee includes the JST administrative president, finance officer, technology officer, and our DEHS representative, as well as the chairs of the Analysis and Compliance, Education and Resources, and Public Relations Sub-Committees.  This committee assures that the goals of our safety initiative are being actively pursued in an efficient and reasonable manner. 

Administrative President: This person is responsible for leading the JST safety efforts by coordinating administrative meetings, controlling the JST email account, and presenting seminars. 

Finance Officer: Open to anyone who wants to serve. Members are responsible for determining the monetary feasibility of our proposals and are in charge of the JST budget.

Technology Officer: Open to anyone who wants to serve. Members are responsible for maintaining our website (

JST Sub-Committees

Analysis and Compliance: This group is led by the analysis and compliance committee chair. This group focuses on organizing the biannual lab walkthroughs and creating a standardized system for lab signage. This committee also conducts surveys to assess common or recent safety concerns and how to improve the JST. 

Education and Resources: This group is led by the education and resource committee chair. This group focuses on improving the LSO guidebook and is also responsible for training new LSOs. This committee also organizes safety workshops and lab cleanup weeks. 

Public Relations: This group is led by the public relations committee chair. This group focuses on making new safety posters, safety moments, and stall wall moments in the CHEM and CEMS departments. This committee also is in charge of providing announcements about JST actions either through emails and our Facebook page. 

* To be considered for an administrative position, JST members are recommended to serve at least 1 full year in one of our sub-committees. The administrative committee is responsible for electing new committee chairs and officers.