Roles and Responsibilities

1. LSOs may be assigned to serve on a committee (Analysis and Compliance, Education and Resources, or Public Relations) for 1 semester [January – June or July – December]

  • The Administrative Committee is responsible for assigning and informing the LSOs as to when they serve on a committee
  • The committees meet about five times a semester for 1 hour in order to improve the safety culture at the University of Minnesota
  • A $200 dollar stipend will be awarded to the LSO in July after the LSO completed their committee service*
  • JST members (1 from each department) that go above and beyond to help improve JST efforts can be nominated for the JST Safety Award which includes a $100 monetary prize and certificate. Administrative committee members are not eligible to obtain this prize

2. LSOs must attend all JST meetings and LSO trainings

  • 2 all LSO meetings and one LSO training will be given in a year
  • Each meeting is about 1 hour long
  • LSOs that cannot attend must have a representative from your research group attend these meetings
  • If the LSO does not attend their assigned committee meetings: $40 is deducted from their stipend for every meeting they miss along with the additional actions shown in the table below
LSO Misses Meeting Action
  • First Offence
  • Second Offence
  • Third Offence
  • Final Offence
  • JST notifies the LSO about their absences
  • JST notifies the PI and LSO about their absences
  • JST notifies their Department Head, PI and LSO about their absences
  • LSO does not receive the $200 stipend and PI needs to assign a new LSO


3. LSOs must participate in lab walkthroughs once every semester

  • Lab walkthrough assignments will be given out by the JST Lab Walkthrough Coordinator
  • Each lab walkthrough is about 2 – 3 hours long and will be held in March and October of every year

LSO Responsibilities with their Research Group

Considering the large amount of responsibilities expected to keep research laboratories in safe and operational conditions, the LSO can divide up some of these tasks to other members in your research group. However, it is the LSO's responsibility to ensure that each task is being completed in a timely manner.

1. Perform weekly checks of all eyewash stations

Sign and date eyewash checklist each week

2. Inspect your research group laboratories for PPE compliance and proper chemical storage

3. Maintain and restock first aid kits and spill kits when needed

4. Maintain proper lab signage related to emergency contact information

LSOs are responsible for updating the lab groups emergency contact information which should be placed near the lab phone or door of each laboratory

JST will notify all LSOs if the CHEM and CEMS department if the emergency contact information has changed

5. Maintain yearly safety training records of all personnel working in your PI's research group

6. Assist in writing/evaluation Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with your PI

7. Be able to identify locations of safety equipment in each laboratory (Safety showers, eyewash station, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, spill kits, etc.)

8. Be familiar with hazardous waste requirements and storage. LSOs are not responsible for packaging and disposal of waste, unless appointed by their PI

9. Be familiar with how to fill out a Learning Experience Reports (LERs) and encourage your group members to fill them out if any incidence occurs

10. Mentor next LSO for 2 months before leaving position

Fill out the LSO-change form to notify JST about the LSO change.

Typical Timeline for one LSO's 2 year service


(Note: This LSO was assigned by AdCom to do their committee service Jul. - Dec. 2015)

January - June 2015 July - December 2015 January - June 2016 July - December 2016
  • LSO's responsibilities to their research group
  • Jan. LSO Training
  • Mar. Lab walkthroughs
  • Jun. JST meeting
  • LSO's responsibilities to their research group
  • 5 Committee Service meetings
  • Oct. Lab walkthroughs
  • Dec. JST meeting
  • LSO's responsibilities to their research group
  • Jan. LSO Training
  • Mar. Lab walkthroughs
  • Jun. JST meeting
  • LSO's responsibilities to their research group
  • Oct. Lab walkthroughs
  • Dec. JST meeting