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  • Hazard Assessment Website
    This website includes tools and information on how to identify hazards, assess risk, and select the appropriate control measures to eliminate a hazard or minimize risk, accidents, injuries and near misses can be reduced in the research environment.
  • Safety in the Academic Laboratories
    This resource is intended for the first- and second-year students, but departments are using it with their graduate students to assure safety awareness of their TAs. 
    Also available for purchase through the ACS online store.
  • Creating Safety Cultures in Academic Institutions
    This report was prepared to assist academic departments in building and reinforcing strong safety cultures and identifies elements of strong safety cultures (see below), topics and resources for laboratory and chemical safety education, and recommendations to build and enhance safety cultures in academic institutions. 
  • C&EN blog “The Safety Zone”
    This is the C&EN blog, "The Safety Zone." ACS has a very vibrant Division on Chemical Health and Safety which graduate students can join for free. One of the member benefits is access to a very informative community connected through the listserv where members answer questions, engage in very interesting discussions and mentor each other.​​​​​​​