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Safety Moments

Safety moments are 1 - 2 minute topics regarding an aspect of safety in lab or everyday life that can be used to start off any meeting or seminar with a consideration for safety.


Safety moment collection and templates

Need an idea or content for a safety moment? The JST has provided a list of topics, template powerpoint slides, and a collection of moments that are ready to go. Just download the slides and present them at the start of group meetings and departmental seminars.

Feel free to adapt the safety moments to meet the specific needs and time constraints for an audience or occasion; this may mean using only a portion of the prepared slides for a topic or including additional resources for an in-depth discussion.

The collection is divided into categories, and the content for each is accessible by clicking on the subheadings in the list of topics (below).

Help build the collection by sending your safety moments to with "safety moment- topic" in the subject line. Please put content in the provided template and cite reliable, credited sources. 

List of topics

Safety in the Media

Emergency Procedures

Controls and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Non-PPE Controls

Classes of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE Protocol

Safe Working Habits

Chemical Hazards and Hazardous Waste

Chemicals and Their Hazards

Hazardous Waste

General Chemical Information


Techniques/ Procedures

Stall Wall Moments


Other Useful Sites


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