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Welcome to the JST homepage!

The Joint Safety Team (JST) is a researcher-led organization focused on improving the culture of safety in chemical laboratories at the University of Minnesota.  The JST consists of all graduate student or postdoc Laboratory Safety Officers (LSOs) within the Departments of CHEM and CEMS.  We also welcome any other interested graduate students or postdocs to participate.  If you are interested in supporting our objective, meeting new people, or improving your leadership skills, then please email or attend the next monthly meeting to get involved! 

JST Committee Members Needed!

The JST has made great strides to improve the safety of U of M laboratories in the last two years.Our accomplishments would not have been possible without the active participation of graduate students post-docs on JST committees. To keep up our stellar record of success, we need more committee involvement!

Why join a JST committee?

To learn more about each committee, visit our "About the JST" tab and scroll down to "How is the JST Organized?" In particular, our PR and Analysis and Compliance teams are looking for new people.

Email with questions or to get connected.

Role of Hazard Analysis in Academic Research

You can download a presentation about the role of hazard analysis in academic research (including information about the azide incident in Chemistry) from here:

Role of Hazard Analysis in Academic Research

Safety Updates

Empowered Students and Postdocs Drive Lab Safety

The efforts of the JST were recently highlighted on the Science Magazine's website. The article addresses the need for an improved culture of safety in research-intensive science department and how the leadership developed in the JST has led to measurable changes.

New mandatory online training course for anyone working with chemicals

A new online training course required for anyone working with chemicals. All university staff members, faculty members, and students who use, purchase, or are "potentially exposed to one or more chemical hazards" are required by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration's (OSHA) revised Hazard Communication Standard to be trained on changes to the standard. Everyone who works around hazardous materials must be trained immediately. Go to to complete this online training.

Joint Safety Team in the news

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Joint Safety Team outreach

April 30-May 2, 2014: Presentation at the UC Center for Laboratory Safety Workshop in California

April 21, 2014: "Safety First" workshop at the Materials Research Society Meeting in San Francisco, CA

January 29, 2014: Safety Culture Webinar in Conjunction with BioRAFT

November 1, 2012: Presentation for Dean's Advisory Board

October 8, 2013: Presentation for Department of Mechanical Engineering Faculty Meeting

July-August, 2013: Safety consultation and video production for Ohio State

April 9, 2013: Presentation for College of Science and Engineering Administrative Council

July 14, 2013: Chisago County "Safety Camp"

May 19, 2013: Presentation at Council for Chemical Research meeting

Throughout 2013: Phone conferences with University of Pennsylvania, University of California Santa Barbara, and Dow Chemical Company