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Welcome to the JST homepage!

The Joint Safety Team (JST) is a researcher-led organization focused on improving the culture of safety in chemical laboratories at the University of Minnesota.  The JST consists of all graduate student or postdoc Laboratory Safety Officers (LSOs) within the Departments of CHEM and CEMS.  We also welcome any other interested graduate students or postdocs to participate.  If you are interested in supporting our objective, meeting new people, or improving your leadership skills, then please email or attend the next monthly meeting to get involved! 

How did the JST begin?

The JST began from a partnership focused on safety between Dow Chemical Company and the Departments of CHEM and CEMS at the University of Minnesota in April 2012.  Through this partnership, the JST is able to learn and adapt the best practices from industry in order to improve the culture of safety in academia.

What does the JST do?

Our objective is to improve our culture of safety through CARE: Compliance, Awareness, Resources, Education.  The JST does not create new policies; instead, the JST applies current resources, such as our departmental Chemical Hygiene Plans and material provided by the Department of Environmental Health & Safety (DEHS), to accomplish our initiatives.