Hazardous Waste Management

There are a few important guidelines to follow when navigating Hazardous waste management. The following page is meant to help manifesting waste from starting a waste bottle to sending it out for disposal.

(If you would like to navigate the DEHS page directly, please follow this link)

Waste Labels and Waste Forms

Make sure you have yellow chemical waste labels for any bottle used for manifesting hazardous waste and the white, rectangular waste forms for boxing and shipping hazardous waste by calling DEHS at: 612-626-1604 or sending an e-mail to: hazwaste@umn.edu. These materials will be shipped to your University mailbox.

Filling Waste Bottles

Before filling any waste bottle, make sure the contents and containers are compatible for storing the intended waste. In order to check if two compounds are compatible to share a waste bottle, search the chemical names here and compare the drum designation codes (DDC) to the following guidelines.
"Use the drum designation code (DDC) to segregate incompatible chemicals in containers and boxes (see Appendix I). Generally, DDC numbers 05, 08 and 18 organic material can be stored together. Especially separate acids (02) from bases (01); oxidizers (16) away from organics (05, 18xx, 08); water away from any water sensitive compound (xxWS); cyanides (18CN) from acids (02); and organic acids (02OA) from oxidizing acids (nitric, fuming sulfuric, perchloric acids)"

Place a yellow waste label on the bottle and make sure that ANY liquid chemical be placed in secondary containment. Write in the pertinent information on the label, including the name and phone number of the person starting the waste bottle, the date, and the chemicals put into the waste container. IMPORTANT: write the FULL chemical name on the label. It is only acceptable to write a chemical forumla or abbreviation if the corresponding hazard class box at the bottom of the yellow label is checked. (e.g. write "Isopropyl Alcohol" or "2-propanol" not "C3H7OH" or "IPA")

Packaging and Sending Waste for Disposal

Filling out the waste form:

The waste form includes many fields to fill out and a few numbers to look up. Some entries are listed below for convenience.

The department codes are as follows:

CEMS: 518A 

CHEM: 519A

The building codes are as follows:

Amundson Hall: 066

Smith Hall: 035

Kolthoff Hall: 122

Other buildings

Chemical entries require many fields, including the DDC and EPA code. All of these fields can be found here


Packing and shipping waste:

Waste can be packaged up to 4 gallon bottles per box, or 15 bottles that are less than 5 mL. Make sure to use appropriate packing material to prevent any rattling of bottles within the box. Attach all associated pink copies of waste forms to the box.

CHEM: carefully tote packaged waste in secondary containment to the Sub-basement of Smith Hall (S43). DEHS will pick up accumulated waste every Wednesday from 1-3pm.

CEMS: Obtain a campus envelope from the main office. Be sure to staple all white and yellow portions of waste forms together that belong to each box. Insert these packets into the envelope and send it to: 

Chemical Waste Program
TCEM 2681
Dept. of Env. Health & Safety

a DEHS representative will pick up the waste from your lab. Until then, keep it stored in secondary containment and away from high-traffic areas.