Column pressure spray on the face


Column Pressure Spray on the Face

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


During the day, a researcher was running a column in the hood with the aid of air flow and an adapter. During the process, the air-flow adapter became stuck in the column. While attempting to remove the adapter, solvent began spraying out through the connections until the adapter eventually popped out. The researcher was sprayed in the face but was thankfully wearing PPE which protected the researcher's eyes. With the help of a labmate, the researcher went to the sink to wash their face with soap and water as a precaution. No injuries were sustained.


When setting up connections, keep the following in mind

  • Make sure there is no silica gel on the joints.

  • Clips/clamps are not recommended with air adapters.

  • For standard tapered ground glass joints, it is often a good idea to use a teflon sleeve. These sleeves replace grease, prevent joints from freezing, are commercially available, and are reusable.

Pay attention to the insertion of the adapter and use lower air pressure.

In the event of a problem while running a column with air, a good first step would be to turn off the air flow.