Hot autoclave steam


Hot autoclave steam on face

Monday, August 12, 2019


Around 6pm, the researcher was getting the autoclaved bottles from the autoclave alone. The pressure was at zero, but the temperature in autoclave was still around 90 Celsius. The researcher stood in front of and too close to the chamber door and when the chamber was opened, hot steam came out towards the researchers face. The researcher had all PPE on, including goggles, and stepped back immediately, but hot steam still slightly burnt the researcher's face where the goggle did not cover. The minor burn was mitigated by flushing face with cold tap water immediately for several minutes and by further using ice bags in the next several hours. The researcher did not seek further medical assistance as the symptom mostly recovered by the next day.


1. In addition to the pressure also pay attention to the temperature in the chamber. It's more dangerous when the temperature is high.

2. Stand at the back of the chamber door when opening chamber instead of in front of where the chamber opens and wear PPE.

Always file a first report of injury, even minor injuries, that start at work even if medical assistance is not needed. If the injury later becomes infected or problematic insurance changes may occur.