Gas leak in lab


Gas Leak in Lab

Monday, July 17, 2017


On a weekend afternoon, when a lab member walked into the lab, there was smell of natural gas. After looking for the source, it was discovered that a gas valve to Bunsen burner was partially open. The valve was closed, and all ventilation was opened in the lab to remove smell. The lab was further checked for any leaks at the joints using soap solution. No further leaks were found. Ventilation was kept open for 2 hours to allow any accumulation of gas in lab. Additionally, the lab was checked periodically over the weekend for any missed leaks.


  • Before leaving everyone checks that valves they used that day are fully turned off. The last person out should check all valves and heating appliances to verify everything is closed and off.

  • The area around the gas valve have been cleared out to provide better access for valve operation.

  • A new gas lighter with long nozzle has been bought for convenient operation of Bunsen burner.

  • A log book has been placed near the burner work space to keep track of its usage.

  • This incident has been discussed as a safety moment during group meeting and new changes to the protocols have been discussed with group members