Thermal burn


Thermal Burn

Thursday, June 28, 2018


A researcher needed to quickly move a hot object. This could be safely done using a thermal glove. However, due to clutter on the bench top, in a shared area, only one glove could be readily found. Instinctively though while moving the hot object the researcher supported it with the other hand and burned themselves but was not seriously injured.


  • Before beginning a procedure researchers should find all ppe and equipment needed through completion. This way researcher won’t be forced to improvise when necessary equipment is not found during critical process steps.

  • If you will need shared equipment or PPE later in the day, let others know of this (e.g a note that says “Need insulated gloves at 1 pm”). This also prevents 2 people needing equipment at the same time.

  • Optimum organization and minimal clutter facilitate more efficient work. Returning items (especially shared materials like thermal gloves) to their designated spot helps to keep the lab organized. Common areas of the lab space should be frequently checked for cleanliness and organization.